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Please note that the package list below is a full list of ALL the packages in our archive and not all packages are available for all versions of Solaris.  When you click on a program name, it will indicate if a program is available.  Please view the package matrix to see which packages are supported on each platform.  When possible, we may be able to build missing packages upon request for a fee.

units - GNU `units' converts between different systems of units.
unixODBC - unixODBC is an Open Source ODBC sub-system
unrar - unRAR is a utility to extract view and test RAR archives
unrtf - UnRTF is a command-line program which converts documents in Rich Text Format (.rtf) to HTML LaTeX troff macros. and RTF itself
unwindows - Unwindows contains the programs change_sounds coloreyes dynamag and win_sounds
unzip - Unzip decompression utility
uperf - uperf is a network performance tool that supports modelling and replay of various networking patterns
uriparser - Uriparser is a strictly RFC 3986 compliant URI parsing library
utf8proc - Utf8proc is a library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings. This package includes the C libraries only
uucp - This is the Taylor implementation of uucp
uudeview - UUDeview is a smart decoder and an encoder for Base64 (MIME) uuencoded xxencoded and Binhex files
vdt - Vdt (Visual Disk Test) is disk/file/device i/o test program with visual feedback/follow-up
vice - The VICE emulator for certain old 8-bit computers.  These include the C64 C128 VIC20 some PET models the PLUS4 and the CBM-II
vifm - Vifm is an ncurses based file manager with vi like keybindings
vile - Vile, the VI like Emacs editor
vim - Vim is an improved version of the editor vi
visprint - Visprint is a visual file fingerprint generator
vmsbackup - This progam reads a VMS backuptape
vnc - VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is in essence a remote display system which allows you to view a computing desktop environment not only on the machine where it is running but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures
vsftpd - The vsftpd ftp server
watch - Watch runs a command repeatedly displaying its output in the first screenful. This allows you to watch the program output change over time
wcd - Wcd is a command line program to change directories quickly
wdiff - Wdiff is a front end to diff for comparing files on a word per word basis
webalizer - Webalizer is a web server log file analysis tool
weblint - Weblint is a syntax and minimal style checker for HTML
wget - GNU Wget is a freely available network utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web using HTTP and FTP
wget2 - GNU Wget2 is the successor of GNU Wget, a file and recursive website downloader.
wget_openssl111 - GNU Wget is a freely available network utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web using HTTP and FTP
which - Which shows the path to a command
winefish - The winefish LaTeX editor
wireshark - Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) is a network protocol analyzer
workman - Workman utility for playing audio CD's
wput - Wput is a command-line ftp-client similar to wget but uploads files or directories to remote ftp servers
wuftpd - Wu-ftpd is a replacement ftp daemon for Unix systems
wxgtk - wxGTK is a version of wxWidgets for creating applications for GTK+
x11vnc - x11vnc is a vnc server for X displays. It allows remote viewing and interaction with real X displays via keyboard and mouse
x3270 - x3270 is an IBM 3270 terminal emulator for the X Window System
xanim - XAnim(pronounced: eks-'an-im) is a program for playing a wide variety of animation audio and video formats on unix X11 machine
xaw3d - Xaw3D is a set of 3-D widgets based on the R6.1/R6.3/R6.4 Athena Widget set
xbill - The xbill game
xbindkeys - This program grabs keys in X and starts the corresponding shell command
xboard - Xboard is the game board program used by gnuchess
xchat - Xchat an X windows chat tool
xchm - Xchm is a GUI front-end to chmlib
xcoral - Xcoral is a multiwindow mouse-based text editor
xcpustate - Xcpustate is a snapshot performance monitor
xdelta - Xdelta is program designed to compute changes between binary files. These changes (deltas) are similar to the output of the
xdf - Xdf is a modified version of the df command
xdir - LLNL xdir is an ftp client and provides a graphical user interface for drag-and-drop file transfer
xearth - Xearth sets the X root window to an image of the Earth as seen from your favorite vantage point in space