File information for:

Checksum: 6d76bc63ea1186ecd76307a3b91e4d86
File size: 77624


md5 checksums are a security device that tells someone if a file has been modified after the md5 program is run on them. It is virtually impossible to modify a file and yet keep the same checksum. You will need to have the md5 program. The md5 packages provided will give you what you need. Run md5 on the file you download before you run gunzip on it, and then check the result against the value above. It is also possible for you to build your own md5 program if you don’t to trust the package here

If you find a difference between our md5 checksum numbers and what you get when you download, let us know, Do not try to install a package whose checksum does not match ours.

File Size

Note that some browsers gunzip files as they are downloaded and so you will have to gzip the file to check that you got the correct size. Some browsers, if not configured properly, will download a .gz file, remove the .gz but not gunzip the file. Also, some will gunzip a file, but not remove the .gz. You can check what kind of file you have by running the file command on the file to see if it is compressed or not.