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UNIX Packages provide a range of services for all the packages we deliver directly from our servers.
The level and type of support ranges from package install errors & dependency issues through to new package requests from a community. The specific level of support received is dependent on your account type, package complexity, and the community involvement required.

Support Matrix

Package & Install Errors
Package Update Requests
Package Alerts
Support ResponseWith
No Dependencies
Multiple Dependencies
New Packages
Research & Initial analysis
Registered Packages
Solaris 2.5 - 10
Solaris 2.5 - 10
< 3 Days< 5 Days< 10 DaysSee table below< 25
Corporate Exec
Solaris 2.5 - 11
< 1 Day< 2 Days< 5 DaysSee table belowUnlimited
New Packages
Research & Initial analysis
No Community
Involvement Required
Complex Dependency
Tree Analysis.
No Community Involvement Required
Community Up-Stream
Involvement required.
Minor Bug/RFE Requests
Turn Key Solutions
Corporate10 Days15 Days20 DaysPOA
Corporate Exec< 5 Days10 Days15 DaysPOA