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NEWS! ( November 11, 2023) New Site Look: We updated our system with a newer version of PHP and a much improved extensible look and feel.
The newer PHP and caching has increased our site speed significantly!

Package Status

11 - SPARC & X86 Live -
10 - SPARC & X86 Live
9 - SPARC & X86 Live
8 - SPARC & X86 Live
7 - SPARC Live
2.6 - SPARC Live
2.5 - SPARC Live

Welcome to UNIX Packages, we greatly appreciate your visit to try out our new UNIX Packages delivery platform!

New Site Status

You will need to Register as a new user on the site to gain access to the package downloads; please do so with real information.
At the top of this page you can see the packages available, we will of course be uploading all our packages.


We felt that the Sunfreeware platform was, after 18 years of valuable service, somewhat outdated. Using extensive user feedback from our survey last year, we have created a more straightforward Package Management & Delivery System to make it easier for users to find the package they are looking for, and for us to manage the packages.

How can you help?

As a ‘New’ user, we are looking for general feedback on the usability and functionality of the new platform, what you like/dislike, and what appears broken. Finally, If you have any suggestions for better ways to display or obtain the packages, or the package information, that’s great too.

What’s New?

  • User registration, enabling users to subscribe to different levels of service
  • Package search by package name or keyword i.e. “apache” or “web server”
  • Detailed one stop shop for package information including:
    • Download, Dependencies, Developer & Source Code links
    • Description, Version & Date
    • Full Dependency Tree list with links
  • Package Name, Checksum, Size, and Notes.
  • Package version matrix and latest build lists.

Many thanks!
Steve & Colin.