Package List SPARC/Solaris 8

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Please note that the package list below is a full list of ALL the packages in our archive and not all packages are available for all versions of Solaris.  Those with a link attached to the program name are currently available.  Please view the package matrix to see which packages are supported on each platform.  When possible, we may be able to build missing packages upon request for a fee.

libao - Libao is a cross-platform audio library that allows programs to output audio using a simple API on a wide variety of platforms
libarchive - Libarchive contains a C library and command-line tools for reading and writing tar cpio zip iso and other archive formats
libart_lgpl - Libart is a library for high performance 2D graphics
libassuan - Libassuan is a library implementing the Assuan protocol used in some GnuPG components
libatomic_ops - Atomic_ops defines a large collection of operations, each one of which is a combination of an (optional) atomic memory operation, and a memory barrier.
libcddb - Libcddb is a library that implements the different protocols (CDDBP HTTP SMTP) to access data on a CDDB server (
libcroco - Libcroco is a cascading style sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit used by GNOME applications
libdnet - Libdnet provides a simplified portable interface to several low-level networking routines
libedit - A port of the NetBSD libedit library
libemf - libEMF is a C/C++ library which provides a drawing toolkit based on ECMA-234. The general purpose of this library is to create vector graphics files on POSIX systems which can be imported into StarOffice/OpenOffice
libestr - Libestr - some essentials for string handling (and a bit more)
libevent - The libevent API
libexif - The libexif exif library reads and writes EXIF meta information from and to image files
libfastjson - A JSON implementation in C
libffi - The libffi library provides a portable, high level programming interface to various calling conventions.
libg2c - This package contains the libg2c library files needed by the octave program
libgcc - Gcc libraries that many programs have as dependencies
libgcj - The libgcj Java libraries
libgcrypt - Libgcrypt is the GNU basic cryptographic library
libghttp - Libghttp is the GNOME http client library
libglade - The libglade library allows you to load glade interface files in a program at runtime
libgpgerror - Libgpg-error is a small library with error codes and descriptions for the GnuPG software
libgsasl - The GNU SASL library which is an implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)
libgsf - The GNOME structured file library for reading and writing structured file formats
libgtkhtml - GtkHTML is a HTML rendering/editing library
libiconv - GNU libiconv provides an iconv() implementation for use on systems which do not have one
libidl - libIDL is a front end for CORBA IDL and required for ORBIT2 in Gnome
libidn - GNU libidn is an implementation of stringprep punycode and IDNA specifications
libintl - Libintl is used with gettext and is needed by a few programs when libintl in not in /usr/lib
libksba - KSBA (pronounced Kasbah) is a library to make X.509 certificates as well as the CMS easily accessible by other applications.
liblognorm - Liblognorm is a fast-samples based normalization library.
libmcrypt - Libmcrypt is a thread-safe library providing a uniform interface to access several block and stream encryption algorithms.
libmikmod - libmikmod is a portable sound library for Unix and other systems
libmng - Libmng is a png-like image format supporting multiple images animation and transparent jpg
libnet - Libnet is an API to help with the construction and handling of network packets
libnids - Libnids offers IP defragmentation TCP stream assembly and TCP port scan detection
libogg - Libogg is the bitstream and framing library for the Ogg project
libol - Libol is a library used by syslog-ng
liboop - Liboop provides a generic callback-based event dispatch interface
libpaper - The libpaper package enables users to indicate their preferred paper size, provides the paper utility to find the user's preferred default paper size and give information about known sizes, and specifies system-wide and per-user paper size catalogues (see “man paperspecs”).
libpar2 - These are the libraries from the par2 file verification and repair tool
libpcap - libpcap is a system-independent interface for user-level packet capture
libpng - The PNG library is a collection of routines used to create and manipulate PNG format graphics files
librelp - Reliable Event Logging Protocol (RELP) library
librsvg - Librsvg supplies libraries to enable SVG-format scalable graphics
librsync - librsync implements the rolling-checksum algorithm of remote file synchronization that was popularized by the rsync utility and is used in rproxy. This algorithm transfers the differences between 2 files without needing both files on the same system
libsigc - Libgsigc++ implements a typesafe callback system for standard C++
libsigsegv - Libsigsegv is a library for handling page faults in user mode
libspf2 - Libspf2 is an implementation of the SPF specification
libssh2 - Libssh2 is a library implementing the SSH2 protocol