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Please note that the package list below is a full list of ALL the packages in our archive and not all packages are available for all versions of Solaris.  When you click on a program name, it will indicate if a program is available.  Please view the package matrix to see which packages are supported on each platform.  When possible, we may be able to build missing packages upon request for a fee.

bind - The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) implements an Internet name server for Unix operating systems
bind - The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) implements an Internet name server for Unix operating systems
bind_64 - The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) implements an Internet name server for Unix operating systems
binutils - This GNU package includes the GNU versions of the ld as ar nm ranlib strip strings and other programs
bison - Bison a replacement for YACC
blame - Blame displays the last modification for each line in an RCS file
blt - BLT is an extension to the Tk toolkit adding new widgets geometry managers and miscellaneous commands
bluefish - The bluefish editor for programmers and web designers
bogofilter - Bogofilter is a mail filter that classifies mail as spam or non-spam
bonnie - Bonnie++ is a benchmark suite that performs a number of simple tests of hard drive and file system performance
bosh - Bosh stands for browsable output shell. It isn't really a shell. What is does is store the output of a specified program in a buffer and provides a simple curses interface to browse this buffer. Actions can be configured which can make use of the contents of the currently selected line
bpython - Bpython is an interface to the Python interpreter
brltty - BRLTTY is a background process (daemon) providing access to the Linux/Unix console (when in text mode) for a blind person using a refreshable braille display
bvi - Bvi is an editor for binary files
bwmng - Bwmng is a console-based bandwidth monitor
bzip2 - bzip2 file compression utility
bzr - Bazaar is a version control system that helps you track project history over time and to collaborate easily with others.
c3270 - c3270 is a curses-based version of x3270 for use on a dumb terminal
cairo - Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices
cares - MIT c-ares is an asynchronous resolver library
catdoc - Catdoc reads one or more Microsoft word files and outputs text. It also includes xls2csv a program that converts an Excel spreadsheet into a comma-separated value file
cave - Cave is tool for playing ascii animations
ccache - ccache (or “Ccache”) is a compiler cache.
cclive - Cclive is a command line video extraction utility. It suports YouTube Google Video and others
ccrypt - Ccrypt is a utility for encrypting and decrypting files and streams. It was designed as a replacement for the standard unix crypt utility. Ccrypt is based on the Rijndael cipher
cdpr - Cdpr (Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter) shows the switch and port that a machine is connected to provided that the device supports CDP
cdrtools - Cdrtools (formerly cdrecord) contains powerful tools for burning CDs and DVDs.
cfengine - GNU cfengine is a suite of programs for setting up and maintaining BSD and System-V-like operating system optionally attached to a TCP/IP network
cgrep - Cgrep is a grep-like tool with enhanced performance and many additional features
check - Check is a unit test framework for C
cherokee - Cherokee is a flexible very fast lightweight Web server. It is implemented entirely in C and has no dependencies beyond a standard C library. It is embeddable and extensible with plug-ins. It supports on-the-fly configuration by reading files or strings TLS/SSL (via GNUTLS or OpenSSL) virtual hosts authentication cache friendly features PHP custom error management and much more.
chicken - Chicken is a compiler for the Scheme programming language
chkrootkit - chkrootkit is a tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit
chmlib - Chmlib is a library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files
ckermit - C-Kermit is a combined network and serial communication software package
clamav - The Clam Antivirus system
clex - CLEX is an ncurses-based file manager with a full-screen user interface
clisp - CLISP a version of Common Lisp
clzip - Clzip is a lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm with very safe integrity checking and a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2
cmake - Cmake is a cross-platform make system
cmatrix - Cmatrix is an ncurses based program that simulates the moving lines of symbols seen on the screen in The Matrix movie It is provided for fun or to act as a kind of screen saver.  Cmatrix is used in an xterm or rxvt window (if you want color).
colordiff - Colordiff is a perl script that provides color highlighted diff output
coloredit - Coloredit is a tool to view and edit the X window color entries
combine - Combine is primarily a program for merging files on a common key.
compface - Compface 48x48x1 image compression and decompression
complexity - Complexity measures the complexity of C source
conflict - Conflict examines the user specifiable list of programs looking for instances in the user
confuse - libConfuse is a configuration file parser library
conman - ConMan is a serial console management program designed to support a large number of console devices and simultaneous users
conserver - Conserver is an application that allows multiple users to watch a serial console at the same time